Grape Variety

At this first step in wine tasting, a wine taster may not know what type of wine they have, but by looking at it they can identify some clues to its variety. For example, a fuller-bodied wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon is deeper in color than a lighter-bodied wine like a Pinot noir and a denser, sweeter wine like a dessert wine, such as Muscat, will leave thick, viscous “legs” or streaks running down the inside of the glass when swirled. As a taster moves along in the tasting process (evaluating overall quality) they examine the terroir of a wine – the region in which it was produced – and whether a wine has good “typicity”, i.e. how well the wine expresses or represents its grape variety.

Aged Wine
Whether it is a red or a white wine, aging wine changes its color. Color changes occur when grape tannins and oak/wood tannins interact with other compounds to the point that they turn to sediment and can no longer stay in the wine. Aged red wines are lighter in color than un-aged red wines. The red pigments (anthocyanins) of red wine bond with the sediment, thereby removing color from the wine. Some aged white wines are a little different in that the wine becomes “oxidized” and turns the wine’s color towards brown. Actually, most white wines don’t age well and an “oxidized wine” is considered a “faulty” wine.

A wine that becomes excessively exposed to oxidation is an oxidized wine in wine tasting terminology, it’s a negative characteristic and one that gives non-sherry wines a sherry-like odor.
On the other hand, “oxidative” is a positive term describing an oxidation process that is regulated and controlled throughout the aging of a wine.

During the aging process, a wine’s “aroma” is replaced with an aged wine’s “bouquet”. An aged wine can have flavors and aromas that stretch anywhere from nutty, oaky and buttery to smoky, spicy and beyond.

Finding the Best Wine Opener for the Best Wine Experience Ever

Having the best wine opener possible certainly takes you half-closer to enjoying your favorite wine; because really, when you think about it, what good is a nice wine if opening it can be frustrating? So, although there might be less focus on wine openers than there is on wines; choosing the right opener is equally just as important.

Two Things to Remember in Finding that Best Wine Opener
Wine Openers Should not be Space Technology – Keeping it Simple
In a lot of cases, a cliché that says “less is more” is applied and this holds true of wine openers. Keep in mind that expensive does not always mean translate to quality and that a wine opener may look like something that came out from a high-tech science fiction movie but it doesn’t always mean that it can help you pop out that cork with ease.

Now, I am not suggesting that the best wine opener is the ones that have that spiral metal which comes very cheap and famous among many households. His type of wine opener sometimes – because of its being “too simple” – defeats the process of having a wine opener that’s supposed to make things easy. One would need to have an ample amount of strength and accuracy to use this which to many, can be a lot already. The key is finding something that is fairly simple that does the job efficiently.

Pump Wine Openers are simply too Fancy
While there are virtually countless cork screw that can be bought in the market today, pump wine openers are far from being considered to be the best. This is a perfect example of a technology used for something that is intended to do a very simple task. The idea in using a pump wine opener is to add pressure inside the bottle to practically “force” the cork out. This can be a nightmare around kids and is almost unusable with bottles that are shaped differently or ones that are damaged or wines that are full. Simply put, pump wine openers are just too complex.

Domain Hill & Mayes

Bill Hill has been described as a maverick maker of wine. He does more than simply make wine, he creates it. The success of Hill’s creations can be attributed to his lifelong commitment to locating ideal grape growing sites and matching them with the proper varietal. For over two decades, Hill has sought the creative freedom to produce wines that rank among the best in the world. This dream is now within his grasp.

Domain Hill & Mayes is a family of small fine wine estates dedicated to producing world-class expressions of classic grape varieties. Each estate has been hand-picked and developed by Bill Hill. Presently, Domain Hill & Mayes has released wine from two estates, Van Duzer, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and Bill’s personal Napa estate, Clos Fontaine du Mont. The Van Duzer property boasts a climate and soils which come together in perfect harmony to create a world-class Pinot Noir, as well as a stunning Chardonnay and Dry Riesling. Clos Fontaine du Mont produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay which exhibit the richness and concentration of a cool-climate hillside vineyard. This year, Domain Hill & Mayes will proudly introduce it’s third estate, Carneros Bighorn Ranch, a vineyard with soil qualities unique to Carneros that will assist in producing a Chardonnay that stands alone.

Hill’s track record as a winemaker and vineyard developer has made him somewhat of a legend in the wine industry. With a career spanning over twenty years, Hill has discovered and developed land now thought of as some of America’s finest vineyard sites. Such properties include Diamond Mountain, Mt. Veeder and Atlas Peak. Hill’s skill as a winemaker is proven by a long list of spectacular ratings and national and international awards given to the wines he created under the “William Hill” label from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Hill continues to receive great accolades for his winemaking skills with the first vintages of the Van Duzer And Clos Fontaine du Mont wines.

Hill’s winemaking philosophy relies upon a thorough understanding of the vineyard, sensory evaluation of its fruit, and progressive yet respectful approach to bringing inherent quality to its ultimate expression in the finished wine.

Although Bill has built one of the strongest vineyard development/wine companies in the industry, in addition to being regarded as one of the world’s finest winemakers, he feels his glory days are yet to come. Domain Hill & Mayes represents the dream Bill has pursued for two decades – – the opportunity to control a broad palate of fine wine estates that produce wines that issue a challenge of greatness to the world.

Difference Between Wooden Wine Racks and Wine Cellars

• Wine Racks

– Wine racks are simply ‘holders’ of wine.
– Although they can be seen on different sizes, you can move them anywhere inside your house.

• Wine Cellars

– These pertain to the rooms or specific areas where you can store your wines.
– You may find wine racks inside a wine cellar.

– Typically, wine cellars are monitored by cooling system to maintain specific temperature and humidity in accordance to wines’ requirements.

Got a better picture of the difference of the two items? Now, with a clearer mind, your next task is to pick what type of wooden wine racks best suit your preference.

Deluxe Wine Making Kit

If you are thinking about taking the plunge into wine making, you might consider purchasing a wine making kit. There are several on the market, but one that has gotten some great reviews is the Deluxe Wine Making Kit from Strange Brew.

This is a reasonably priced kit that has received many great reviews, even from beginning wine makers. By most accounts it is simple to use, comes with high quality equipment – including equipment not offered in other “deluxe”home wine making packages – equipment instructions and wine recipes. It includes all equipment a wine maker needs to create 6 gallons (30 bottles) of vino. The equipment is re-usable and is quite durable to last a long time.

For beginning wine makers it’s important to know a couple of things about wine making kits. First, is that the actual wine making ingredients do not typically come with a wine making equipment kit. Ingredients are sold separately. Second is that, while wine making instructions come with the kits, it is really helpful to invest in a good wine making book. A good wine book will have greater details about ingredients that will enhance your wine’s flavor as well as offer several troubleshooting tips – like what to do if your wine seems cloudy, or if it isn’t sweet enough, etc.

A handy way of obtaining all of the necessary wine making ingredients is to purchase a wine making “ingredient kit”, such as is offered byVino Italiano. The Vino Italiano Wine Kits have also received many favorable reviews. The kit provides all the ingredients to make a batch of a particular wine type, such as a4-Week Wine Kit that comes in grape varietals such as Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, etc. Ingredients cover everything from a varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate to yeast and beyond.

Wine for Health

Wines that have sugar in them and tastes sweet are called sweet wines. Sweet wines are prepared from different types of grapes from different methods and are found in different regions. One type of sweet wine is Sweet Red Wine.

Sweet red wine is found in many wine producing countries of the world. These wines are served after dinner as dessert. They can be also paired with cheeses like Port and Stilton. Different types of sweet red wine are discussed below.

• Fortified wines:
When grapes are fermented close to dryness, there is no sugar in them. If you halt the fermentation of sugar, it retains some of its sugar from the grapes and remains sweet. Examples of fortified wines include Sherry and Madeira. One of the most popular and famous fortified red wine is Port, discussed below.

Port is a famous sweet red wine. It is rich, thick and sweet and has higher degree of alcohol. It is paired with chocolate and for fireside sipping. It is largely produced in thr Douro river valley in Portugal. The fermentation of the red grapes id stopped in between by fortifying it with alcohol. It is also produced in Australia and California.

Banyuls is found in small region to the south France known as Banyuls.It is another type of fortified red wine. Other less known regions like Maury also produce this type of wine. The method of producing the wine is same as in the case of Port. However, different types of grapes are used with different type of alcohol to halt fermentation.

• Late Harvest Wines

Sweet red wine like Late Harvest Wine are made without fortification. If grapes are ripen for a long period and harvested late, after maturity level the yeast could not ferment complete because of the higher sugar levels. The late harvest wines are not fortified and are sweet because of the sugar in the grapes. They are largely produced in California.

The normal sweetness level of a person is limited to pastries, coke, chocolate, and ice creams. Sweet red wine is popular among new wine drinkers and are famous for their health benefits and for their non-sweet and tannic flavors.The color of the red wine comes from red grape skin.The color is also light because it comes from the skin of the grape.

According to the experts, 125 ml of sweet wine daily keeps you in a good mood and health. It reduces the risk of heart disease and boosts your HDL level. Most of the sweet red wines are consumed as desserts after non-vegetarian meal. They taste very good even with spicy a Thai meals.

So the next time in future if you are organizing dinner try to arrange for sweet red wine for your guest. Moreover, remember half a bottle of red wine serves 12 pegs.

Relish your white wine

Thinking about white wine types, you may think for a long time. It is because there are more than one thousand varieties of white wine. Probably some of you have heard about these white wine but there can be a large no. of people who are not aware of these wines.

There is one more interesting fact about white wine types that they are not white at all like curd or milk. The color of the white wine types varies from pale yellow to amber, honey or gold. They are prepared from the skin of the grapes, grape juice and golden or yellowish colored grapes. The colors of the grape used in white wine types reflect the ripeness degree of the wine. As the time passes, the color of the wine turns darker yellow and thus tells about the age of wine.

Different White wine types

Sauvignon Blanc

It is one of the most popular white wines that is liked by majority of people. It is fruity and not strong like other white wines. During summer when you are feeling hot and you are looking for a cool and refreshing drink have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The wine smells like lemon, grassy, gooseberry and grapefruit. This wine is largely produced in California and New Zealand.


When talking about white wine types Chardonnay is one of the most popular selling wines. It has a large and impressive variety of flavors ranging from oak overtones, buttered to the fruit flavors of pears , citrus , apple , and melon .Chardonnay is served with sea food , poultry dishes and heavy cream based dishes.

Pinot Gris / Grigio

A wine you can experiment with and suits your budget too. Flavors of this wine vary from melon, pear, and citrus to honey and smoky flavors. Served with light pastas and seafood it brings richness to your food.


Loaded with floral aromas the wine smells like banana and peach. Just be little careful while consuming this wine because alcohol levels are little high.Viognier is paired with spicy food.

For wine lovers and people who are ready to spend more on wine , Riesling is their obvious choice. It is produced in cooler climates. Most popular and most costly areas for this white wine are Germany, Alsace Region and certain region of France. It is served with Asian cuisine and spicy food.

Other white wine includes Semillon, Gewurztraminer, and Chenin Blanc etc.

White wine grapes are found in different parts of the world. The can be found in Austria, Germany, Italy and France. In United States, white wine grapes are found in New York, Washington, Oregon and California. They are also grown in South Africa, New Zealand, Chile and Australia.

So celebrate special occasions with different white wine types.

Types of red wine

Red-wine has its own taste and blend depending on the types of red-wines available in the market. Red wine is a type of wine which is extracted from red, dark purple or blue coloured grapes. The wine is red in colour, hence the name goes “red-wine”. It is produces by fermenting grape juice. The red colour of the wine is due to the tannins present in the wine which is a chemical compound. The red wine is generally stronger than the white-wine. It’s the most popular wine as compared to other wines, and is produced all around the world. There are around 50 varieties of red wines like Australian Shiraz, syrah, Chianti, Bordeaux, sauvignon, etc..,

Flavours of red wine

• Cherry
• Plum
• Blackberry
• Raspberry
• Currant
• Raisin
• Fig
• Pepper
• Clove
• Cinnamon
• Coffee
• Cocoa
• Mocha
• Tobacco
• Leather etc..,

Types of red wine and their benefits

The type of Red wine depends on the area in which it is produced and the type of grape used for extracting the wine.

• Syrah:

Syrah, also called as ‘Shiraz’, and is mostly served with meat, beef or pastas. They are mostly dark coloured wines. Syrah is widely cultivated in the regions of France, Australia, and California. One of the main ingredients of ‘syrah’ is ‘aroma’ which is very good for health.

• Merlot:

Merlot is a red wine, and is known for its light colour and soft taste. It is a very light drink and is not strong at all. ‘Merlot’ is cultivated in countries like Romania, Chile, Washington, Italy and Australia. They are also present in herbal and medicinal form.

• Cabernet sauvignon:

Cabernet sauvignon is produced from oak. This red wine is beneficial in preventing cardiovascular problems and also cancer because of its medicinal properties.

• Pinot noir:

Pinot noir is rarely found because it is difficult to grow. This red wine plant is cultivated in countries like New Zealand, USA, Oregon and many other valleys.

• Zinfandel:

Zinfandel is the native wine of California because it is produced only in California. This is very hot and spicy in taste and goes well with meat, pizzas, and pastas.

• Sangiovese:

Sangiovese goes well with Italian dishes and is available in valley areas.

• Barbera: Barbera is available only in USA.

• Wine and Health

Consumption of wine to a limited extent may be beneficial to one’s health, as it removes bad cholesterol and while reducing blood clotting, which is used to prevent a number of heart diseases and leukemia, because it acts as an antioxidant. Red wine contains higher amount of flavonoids which is very useful. Melatonin present in red wine is used to cure a number of skin diseases.

• Over consumption of wine may lead to many health problems like:

1) Red wine headache (RWD) – It is a disease caused due to excessive consumption of red wine, which may further lead to nausea.

2) Consumption of red wine is hazardous during pregnancy. It also increases the chances of breast cancer.

3) Brain migraines

4) Diabetes

Hence, moderation is highly recommended for the consumption of red wine.

Make your moments special with the Best Wine

With good wine comes good time, but what with best wines? Obviously, the best wine gives immense pleasure and fills each and every moment with eternal bliss. It is one of the classy and elegant drinks that make the mood perfectly fine. Be it college party, home, wedding banquet or any kind of occasion, it delightfully serves to suits one and all.
So don’t ever miss to introduce yourself to the delightful taste that wine has to offer.
Most of the best wines come from France and therefore it is known as the home of wines. However, the history of wine making dates way back to ancient times of Romans from where it is supposed to have spread to other European nations. Wine never fails to boost up the energy in any special occasion. The complete celebratory ambience always comes with this elegant delighting liquid.

There are many different varieties of wine. Knowing the prominent amongst these is quite important to make note of it so you can make good use of it. Trying each one would help you to discover the joy they bring.

The most popular and widely acclaimed is the red wine and Shiraz is prominent one which is very rich in antioxidant and is said to be very effective in reducing the heart ailments. The desert wine is also a special type of wine that matches well with any promotional items. Usually it is quite sweet in taste but altogether provides delightful taste. The white wine has its own specialty. As it is made without the cover of the grapes it has somewhat different taste to offer. Desert wines are normally sweet than the other ones as it is prepared with the combination of the spirits to raise the alcohol content that which increases the sugar concentration. Now by knowing the different kinds of wine, its great to en joy its wonder.

It’s quite true that wines make the indispensable drink in the parties. What primarily affects is the price that has to be bared to enjoy its blissful taste. Guess what! Best wines can also be availed and enjoyed its mouthwatering taste even in home. For this is its quite essential to know the proper ingredients and to use it in proper ratio.

The name of Champagne itself clearly fills one’s mind with sparkling trait and the aroma. This particular wine comes only from a small region in northern France. It uses one of the oldest methods of processing and preparing to get that awesome taste.

All the special moments has its own specialty and if it comes with something great like the best wine nothing can be said. There are immense varieties of wines in the market that which adds something new to one’s diversifying taste. In that case it is almost impossible to give the delightful taste of these wines, paving the way to go ahead and taste that makes you lost in itself.

Wine- boost up every occasion

Wine is one of the most elegant and classy drinks which blends well all types of parties and occasions. May it be a business party or a bachelor’s party, wine proves to be one of the most loved drinks. You can plan the best food for your party, but to boost it to higher levels wine prove to be extremely helpful. The color and the smooth taste of wine are loved by all the wine lovers. Moreover, it blends well with nearly all types of cuisines and food items. But, to boost your parties, you can also find the various types of wines which will help you to take good care of your guests in a special way.
A dessert wine is one of the most well known typos of wines which is enjoyed whenever you wish, even without the benefit of any type of food items. The best part of the dessert wine is that it can enjoyed as a dessert without taking up any other sweet dessert dish with it. Similar to the dessert wine, you can also find the full bodied smooth red wine such as Shiraz. Just like the dessert wines, even this type of wine can be taken in easily without having to take any type of side dish so as to accompany the beautiful and smooth tasting wine. These wines have certain magic in their taste which gets altered when taken with food. As a result these wines help you to enjoy their sweet and unique taste. However, there are various other types of wines which help you to enhance the taste of your food and are thus taken with the various types of food dishes. For instance, you can enjoy your spaghetti without wine but, once you enjoy your spaghetti’s with the Sangiovese wine, you would never like to eat your spaghetti without the wine. Wines have their own taste which not just help you to enjoy the party right from your heart but also helps you to enjoy the food along with it. Thus based on your parties or occasion, you can decide if you would like to enjoy the wine with just some snacks or without any type of food.
Wines also act as an appetizer and thus help you to increase your appetite for the food you are about to eat. Thus, based on your need, you can easily select the Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Blanc, etc. types of wines for your special occasion and also can use as personalised gifts and anniversary gifts.