Information about Winemaking and Yeast Nutrients

So many things should be considered about the winemaking process and this is especially true for people who are having their first experience with making their own wine. You have to understand all the necessary things that you need to know about the process of fermentation and all that is required to ensure that your wine ferments properly. One of the most important things that you need is nitrogen and unless you have it, your yeast won’t be able to reproduce at the high rate that is necessary to quicken the process. Yeast also helps in making the wine age a whole lot quicker, it is thus essential to ensure you find the necessary stimulant to ensure that the yeast carries out its job.

What this entails is finding a good supply of nitrogen and the simplest way to do this is to buy yeast nutrients. What this supplement does is that it puts nitrogen into the yeast. It is usually best used along with wines which have been made from grapes or berries. The ingredient which makes the yeast nutrient able to add this much nitrogen is phosphate. Such nutrients also tend to absorb the fatty acids which are in the wine in order to slow down the process of fermentation.

In some cases it is usually best to make use of a yeast energizer as this also helps in putting the needed nitrogen into the yeast but in a different manner. This is done by placing much more nutrients in the yeast followed by just the phosphate which is used up by the yeast nutrient. It also makes use of a different form of phosphate which is known as di-ammonium phosphate including proteins such as Riboflavin, Thiamin and vitamins. It can also be used for various types of winemaking. You should think in terms of wines which have been created from other fruits, vegetables and herbs and as such would need a yeast energizer. They do not have the needed nutrients present in grapes and berry wines so they need some extra boost in order to ferment properly.

Yeast energizer also tends to be useful when the wines which are being made require high alcohol content. When you talk of high alcohol content, it usually refers to anything which is more than 14 percent. It serves to encourage the second phase of fermentation which may sometimes stop for no reason at all. The yeast energizer is what initiates the process. It is what will be used if you need to restart a fermentation process which has come to a complete stop. Mixing with some fresh yeast or a minor amount of wine together with the yeast will start the fermentation process after about 12 hours.

Lipids are also found in yeast and they are another nutrient. When the yeast cells divide, the lipid tends to lessen and make it harder for the yeast to reproduce more of itself. What this means is that the yeast production slows down quickly. By adding a lipid supplement the yeast will grow much faster than expected.

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