Homemade wine-simple to make

Parties mean friends, true fun, a lot of delicious food and the best beverages which altogether help in making the environment simply perfect and rocking. However, without the best wines, parties simply make no true sense. But if you think that you can only buy good wine from the wine shops, then let me tell you that you are wrong. You can very easily make the best wine in your own house without having to spend too much time as we all usually think it to be. So, if you wish to learn to make homemade wine to add special joy and fun to your party, then here is the simple method to make homemade wine.
Before you start with the main process, you would be requiring the basic ingredients which are:
• 1 qt of any fruit from which you wish to make the wine.
• 2 cups of sugar.
• 1 package of active yeast
• A total of 1 gallon of water divided as 1 cup hot water, 2 cups warm water, and 13 cups of normal temperature water.
• Cheese cloth or a colander.
• A sizeable container with a tight fitting lid.
So, now that you have all the ingredients and the utensils to make the wine, you should follow the simple process given below to make good quality wine yourself.
• Wash the selected fruit well and then crush it properly through a masher or with the help of a fork or any other type of utensil which will give you smoothly mashed fruit.
• Place this crushed fruit into the clean 1 gallon container.
• Now combine the 2 cups of sugar with the 1 cup of hot water. Mix well to dissolve the sugar completely and then let it cool to come to the normal room temperature.
• Once the mixture comes to the normal room temperature, add it slowly with the fruit and then stir well.
• Take the 2 cups of warm water and then dissolve the 1 package of active yeast thoroughly in it. Once you start mixing it properly, you will see foaming. This is normal and so you need not worry in any way. Now slowly add this mixture to the mixture of fruit and sugar kept in the container.
• Now mix the 13 cups of water into the container and start stirring the entire mixture slowly and properly. Mix all the ingredients together properly and then close the lid tightly and then place it in a dark cool place for a few weeks so as to allow the proper fermentation of the crushed fruit.
• Once the crushed fruit mixture is properly fermented, strain the content through the cheese cloth or the colander so as to extract the finely fermented liquid extract.
• Pour this wine into a container and then serve your guests with the best homemade wine.

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