Equipment for Making Wine

A way to start off your winemaking experience is through the purchase of winemaking kits. By doing this at a reasonable price, you’ll have everything that is required for you to get started in your winemaking efforts. An average kit has items such as a plastic fermenter with an airlock lid, a glass carboy with stopper, an auto-siphoning system, automatic bottle filler, hydrometer, corker, corks and a stirring spoon. These kits also tend to come with an instruction manual which will aid you in your efforts. These are all the items which are needed in order to create good wine. Certain kits also come with supplies for cleaning such as a bottle brush and a sanitizer. The things that you have to add to the mix are the fruits that you need and the bottles that are required to make wine that you can seal with a cork. These kits will cost between one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars on the average.

With all these and your grapes, berries or any other winemaking fruit along with bottles, you will be prepared to make some great wine. This will usually be all that is required for your first winemaking efforts. On the other hand if you have some experience with the process or you came up with wine that tastes a whole lot better than you hoped for and you wish to continue making your own wine, you need some additional pieces of equipment in order to ensure that your winemaking process is a whole lot simpler. This means investing some more money in certain gadgets.

It really depends on the type of wine which you are trying to make but you may want to use a fruit crusher instead. These fruit crushers range from anything such as hundred and seventy to about fifteen hundred dollars depending on what you’re rooting for. You have models which are completely manual and those which are electric models. You have those which are made for grapes and those which can crush fruits which are as hard as apples. Certain models will go further by helping you get rid of the stem and leaves easily.

One piece of gear most experienced wine makers would love to have is a press. Different kinds of pressers exist and they range from ratchet presses to bladder presses. The ratchet press allows the juice to run out of the basket into a container beneath the contraption. It works by using a ratchet to press the fruit and get out the fluid. The bladder press on the other hand uses water pressure. Winemakers tend to prefer this device because it is a gentler way that grapes can be pressed. Both devices work excellently though and it’s all about your personal choice and your budget. Some of these devices cost as little as two hundred dollars to six hundred dollars, the bladder presses are the most expensive and they go for as much as seven to thirteen hundred dollars.

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