Cultivating Hybrid Grapes

Growing grapes isn’t simply about planting vines on a great plot of land and hoping that you get great grapes in order to make your own brand of wine. Factors affect the growing of grapes and they range from climate factors and yield issues and ultimately this will affect the way and manner in which these grapes are grown and harvested.

One solution to the problems of growing grapes is to grow hybrids. Hybrids offer a lot to the average person growing their grapes. This applies most especially to people who are growing grapes where they live in order to make their own particular wines. You have to make a decision on the particular grapes to grow but hybrids are usually the more popular option due to the fact that they have successfully adapted to different climates as well as different growing methods and conditions.

Hybrids have an interesting history and the history is somewhat similar to the history of the grapes which were taken from Europe to North American in order to start the grape industry. In the case of hybrid grapes North American grapes were taken to Europe in other to strengthen the wine industry in Europe. Diseases where wiping out the European grape population. The most prominent of these diseases and disease causing organisms was the phylloxera louse. This louse wiped out entire populations of great European vineyards. When compared to their European counterparts, North American vineyards rarely suffered from these forms of outbreaks anymore. Decisions had to be made in order to save the industry in Europe and of particular concern: the French wine industry. Someone suggested that the disease resistant varieties of American grapes should be combined together with European grapes and crossed to create entirely new varieties of grapes that had a European flavor as well as the American disease resistance. It was from here that the first hybrid grapes started.

The hybrid crop handled the required task of saving the wine industry in Europe but as far as the wine industry was concerned, the wines they produced were hardly special. As time progressed, a lot more work was done in the cultivation of these hybrid grapes and things started to look much better. Greater yields were harvested and the grapes made wine so good that the entire wine industry in Europe was turned around and retained its reputation for stocking wonderful wines.

Hybrid grapes adopted elements from both grapes and affected the way in which they grew. These differences must be thoroughly understood in order for these grapes to be grown properly. The growing habits of grapes should be understood as this tends to affect details of how they tend to attach to trellises and the right ones to be used. You also have to think about how often they are pruned and the methods that are utilized to do the pruning. Despite the fact that these grapes are grown the world over, you want to ensure that you choose the right grapes which will grow properly where you live. Simply because it’s called hybrid, does not mean that it has magic growing properties but it still has growing needs which must be taken care of.

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