Domain Hill & Mayes

Bill Hill has been described as a maverick maker of wine. He does more than simply make wine, he creates it. The success of Hill’s creations can be attributed to his lifelong commitment to locating ideal grape growing sites and matching them with the proper varietal. For over two decades, Hill has sought the creative freedom to produce wines that rank among the best in the world. This dream is now within his grasp.

Domain Hill & Mayes is a family of small fine wine estates dedicated to producing world-class expressions of classic grape varieties. Each estate has been hand-picked and developed by Bill Hill. Presently, Domain Hill & Mayes has released wine from two estates, Van Duzer, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and Bill’s personal Napa estate, Clos Fontaine du Mont. The Van Duzer property boasts a climate and soils which come together in perfect harmony to create a world-class Pinot Noir, as well as a stunning Chardonnay and Dry Riesling. Clos Fontaine du Mont produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay which exhibit the richness and concentration of a cool-climate hillside vineyard. This year, Domain Hill & Mayes will proudly introduce it’s third estate, Carneros Bighorn Ranch, a vineyard with soil qualities unique to Carneros that will assist in producing a Chardonnay that stands alone.

Hill’s track record as a winemaker and vineyard developer has made him somewhat of a legend in the wine industry. With a career spanning over twenty years, Hill has discovered and developed land now thought of as some of America’s finest vineyard sites. Such properties include Diamond Mountain, Mt. Veeder and Atlas Peak. Hill’s skill as a winemaker is proven by a long list of spectacular ratings and national and international awards given to the wines he created under the “William Hill” label from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Hill continues to receive great accolades for his winemaking skills with the first vintages of the Van Duzer And Clos Fontaine du Mont wines.

Hill’s winemaking philosophy relies upon a thorough understanding of the vineyard, sensory evaluation of its fruit, and progressive yet respectful approach to bringing inherent quality to its ultimate expression in the finished wine.

Although Bill has built one of the strongest vineyard development/wine companies in the industry, in addition to being regarded as one of the world’s finest winemakers, he feels his glory days are yet to come. Domain Hill & Mayes represents the dream Bill has pursued for two decades – – the opportunity to control a broad palate of fine wine estates that produce wines that issue a challenge of greatness to the world.

Difference Between Wooden Wine Racks and Wine Cellars

• Wine Racks

– Wine racks are simply ‘holders’ of wine.
– Although they can be seen on different sizes, you can move them anywhere inside your house.

• Wine Cellars

– These pertain to the rooms or specific areas where you can store your wines.
– You may find wine racks inside a wine cellar.

– Typically, wine cellars are monitored by cooling system to maintain specific temperature and humidity in accordance to wines’ requirements.

Got a better picture of the difference of the two items? Now, with a clearer mind, your next task is to pick what type of wooden wine racks best suit your preference.

Deluxe Wine Making Kit

If you are thinking about taking the plunge into wine making, you might consider purchasing a wine making kit. There are several on the market, but one that has gotten some great reviews is the Deluxe Wine Making Kit from Strange Brew.

This is a reasonably priced kit that has received many great reviews, even from beginning wine makers. By most accounts it is simple to use, comes with high quality equipment – including equipment not offered in other “deluxe”home wine making packages – equipment instructions and wine recipes. It includes all equipment a wine maker needs to create 6 gallons (30 bottles) of vino. The equipment is re-usable and is quite durable to last a long time.

For beginning wine makers it’s important to know a couple of things about wine making kits. First, is that the actual wine making ingredients do not typically come with a wine making equipment kit. Ingredients are sold separately. Second is that, while wine making instructions come with the kits, it is really helpful to invest in a good wine making book. A good wine book will have greater details about ingredients that will enhance your wine’s flavor as well as offer several troubleshooting tips – like what to do if your wine seems cloudy, or if it isn’t sweet enough, etc.

A handy way of obtaining all of the necessary wine making ingredients is to purchase a wine making “ingredient kit”, such as is offered byVino Italiano. The Vino Italiano Wine Kits have also received many favorable reviews. The kit provides all the ingredients to make a batch of a particular wine type, such as a4-Week Wine Kit that comes in grape varietals such as Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, etc. Ingredients cover everything from a varietal grape juice and grape juice concentrate to yeast and beyond.