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Animal Print Fashion Trend


Animal prints were seen a lot on fashion runways for Spring/Summer 2012 trends. They’ve been around for ages but somehow their popularity Designers are always coming up with new ways to bring this print back into vogue. Are you an animal print lover? Well, if you are, you’re going to love this season’s trends as you’ll find animal prints on everything from clothes to bags to shoes.

Animal Print Fashion Trends 2012

Leopard Prints

Leopard prints are a favorite and they’ll be back in style. However, the prints will be softer this season and it will come in many different colors. This print is one of the best to wear on clothes as it isn’t too much. It goes with a number of colors and can look classy if you know what to pair it with. This season, instead of wearing a leopard print top with a black skirt, you could try the opposite and wear a skirt in this print instead.

Animal Print Fashion

Giraffe Prints

Giraffe prints are quite uncommon. Instead of clothes, you could look for bags or shoes in this print to make a great fashion statement. They’re big and bold so wearing a shirt or dress in this print could be a bit much; but if you’re confident and know how to mix and match, you could pull it off.

Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin is all the rage as well. This particular print can never really go out of fashion. Women have loved it for decades now whether it’s on shoes or bags. It not only looks chic but sexy as well.

Animal Print Fashion Trends 2012

A snakeskin print shirt with a pair of pants or a pencil skirt with stilettos is a classic yet a modern look. A pair of high-heels in snakeskin always looks great with anything and is a fabulous way to make a style statement.

Crocodile Prints

Crocodile skin is another hot trend this season. You’ll find handbags, shoes, etc. in this print and they’ll all be eye-catching and will look great with everything including suits and formal dresses. There are a number of other prints as well but it’s predicted that these will be the hot favorites for women.Apart from animal prints, fabrics with images of tigers, lizards, birds, etc. will be very in this season.

Tips on How To Wear Animal Prints

We all know that we need to be extremely careful while wearing animal prints. It can be a fashion disaster if we don’t know how to mix and match and overdo it. Here are a few pointers on how to wear animal prints and look fabulous: Keep it simple. If you’re wearing a leopard print blouse, keep your other clothing items in neutral colors. Just one item, like a purse or scarf, is enough to make a great fashion statement. Avoid too many animal prints in one go. If you mix them up too much, you will end up looking tacky and unsophisticated.

While you keep it safe and not too OTT, you need to have fun because that’s what fashion is all about. Don’t just stick to one print. Try out different ones so that you know what looks good on you. Lastly, remember, accessories are important as well, so go bold with them!



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