3 Things to Consider when Picking a Bottle of Wine

Picking a bottle of wine may be a much more difficult decision than you may think. There are literally hundreds of different brands and flavors of wine available these days, which means you can easily become overwhelmed when you are looking to buy a bottle. This guideline will provide you with three things to consider when picking the perfect bottle. Once you have decided what type of wine you would like to purchase, head on over to a website like Wine Enthusiast or wine.com to purchase your wine and other accessories.

1. Types of WineThere are two basic types available. Those types are red and white. Of course, both are made with grapes. However, when the red version is made, the skins, seeds and stems are all used from the black or red grapes that are used to make the wine. While white wine can be made from any color grape, only the clear juice from the grape is used to make it. Generally speaking, red wine is considered to be heavier and white wine is considered to be sweeter. Before you start looking into acidity levels and the alcohol content, you should decide if you are interested in purchasing red or white. Once you have decided if you want red or white, you can then figure out what flavor and vintage you want. Many people who have never had wine before tend to prefer dessert wines because they come in flavors such as apple, strawberry and peach.

2. Acidity LevelsThere is going to be acid in every type of wine that is available. Without acid, it would go sour very quickly. Acidity in wine also goes a long way towards making the other flavors of the wine stand out. Many people do not realize that most wines have different acidity levels. If you are someone that likes sour and tart tasting, you should look for wine that has high acidity levels. Wine that has low acidity levels is great for people that prefer a flat tasting beverage. However, the shelf life of low acidity bottles is much shorter than the shelf life of high acidity bottles.

3. Alcohol ContentJust like beer, wine is available with different alcohol contents. Every single bottle of wine that is available for purchase will display the alcohol content of the wine on the label. When it comes to alcohol content, the beverage is separated into three different classes. Those classes are light body, medium body and full body. Full bodied wine often is the best tasting, but it contains extremely high alcohol contents. Light bodied wine generally has an alcohol content of 7.5 percent to 10.5 percent. Medium bodied wine will have an alcohol content that ranges anywhere between 10.6 percent and 12.5 percent, and full bodied will have an alcohol content that is 12.6 percent or higher.

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